Our System

We believe we’ve solved problems that most gyms have with scaling and safety. Our methodology is called GymBelts.

We believe we’ve solved problems that most gyms have with scaling and safety. Our methodology is called GymBelts. We take foundational movements from level zero to the most elite. We scale in an intuitive linear fashion, and using belt colors. 

It’s a ‘scaling language’ universally understood.

Developed and used in our gym

We have been using the GymBelts methodology at Training Ground since 2018 and it has fundamentally changed the way we run our box; it has had a truly positive impact in our coach training program, onboarding new members, coaching during classes and even PT sessions.

Why use GymBelts?

GymBelts can be adapted in any fitness regimen. It is also flexible enough to include any special movement(s) that are particular to your box/gym.

We’d like to fill the world with highly capable people who are as fit as they want to be, at any age.

Measure & Track Progress

Standardize your coaching and develop your coaches very efficiently. Gymbelts also allows you and your clients to measure and track their progress with a fine tooth comb.

  • Easily identify sticking points and create personalized programs.
  • Celebrate each client’s progress as they move through each Belt Level.
  • Create a healthy culture in your gym by getting each client to focus on bettering themselves instead of focusing on RX+ and MUs.

Gym Mentorship

We believe in what we’ve built and want to share it.

We’re looking for gyms to invest our own time into, to teach and implement GymBelts.

If you’re interested in REAL SOLUTIONS for REAL GYM PROBLEMS, we should talk. Let us know below and we’ll reach out to you.

GymBelts Seminar

We offer an intuitive, flexible and easy to use system that increases safety, engages your community, lengthens the lifetime value of your customers, and empowers your business.

During our seminar we’ll cover highly practical topics

  • The GymBelts Analog Chart
  • Scaling Types
  • Implementing
  • How to Onboard Members
  • Using GymBelts in Class
  • Scaling Software Function

You’ll walk away with a new framework for coaching that can immediately be implemented into your gym or coaching practice.

Is GymBelts for you?

We’re on tour!

We’re sharing our method for free with only one requirement – that you allow us to introduce GymBelts through a seminar (online or in-person).

We want to help Coaches and/or gyms use this amazing tool that we know can add value to your customer, and coaching experience. After the seminar you will receive a free softcopy of the GymBelts chart to print and display in your box/gym.

Book a seminar for either yourself or your coaches.

Software Development

Easy integration – no need to change your management software.
Clarity – workout software that aligns with your coaching.  
Enhancement – removes the mundane to let you focus on actual coaching.


At the heart of GymBelts is our proprietary global scaling engine for movements, built on real coaching logic.


A personalized workout for each member, no matter where they are in their journey.


Log your Levels through a colored Belt system; see how workouts change with you.


Proprietary workout creation engine that scales for everyone with just a few clicks.


Proven to increase retention and motivation; now with less clicks and more insights.


In-class integration linking mobility with movement demands in an engaging way that is easy to understand.

Coachboard Preview

Personalized Workout Preview

Training age: 3 years
Age: 43

Kick ass woman who loves a challenge. She played sports as a kid, and her routine in the gym has gotten her in the best shape of her life. She’s in this for the long term. 

Training age: Day 1
Age: 66

It’s Dre’s first day. Dre hasn’t been very active for a long time. He does some work around the house and plays golf occasionally. He had a health scare recently and wants to be a healthy old bugger for his family.

Training age: 9 Months
Age: 27

He occasionally jogged before coming to the gym. He wants to increase testosterone naturally, build some muscle, and feel better about himself. Brian has stiff ankles. Some movements are challenging because of that, but he’s committed to trusting the process.


Tracking what matters most enables customized previews for all.

Level Tracking & Input

Level Preview page showing belt colors and levels

Input missing movements directly in Preview page

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